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This website has been developed by a group of researchers working with the TREK group at La Trobe University who have a clinical interest in helping those with knee osteoarthritis. To find out more about those involved and the process involved in building this resource click on the tabs below.


TREK stands for Translating Research Evidence and Knowledge. Additionally, the English language definition for TREK is ‘a long and arduous journey’ – making it a very appropriate name for a movement tackling the difficult challenge of knowledge translation.


The TREK group was founded by Dr Christian Barton (La Trobe University’s Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia).


The myknee.trekeducation.org website has been developed by Dr Danilo De Oliveira Silva and Mr Anthony Goff working under the guidance of Dr Christian Barton from La Trobe University and Complete.Physio Exercise Performance. This knee osteoarthritis website was developed following the successful implementation of a patellofemoral (knee cap) website, which formed part of Dr Danilo De Oliveira Silva‘s PhD.

This knee osteoarthritis website is now forming part of Mr Anthony Goff‘s PhD at La Trobe University where he is investigating practices in patient education for those with knee osteoarthritis.



We would also like to acknowledge and thank Dr Marcella Ferraz Pazzinatto, Dr Mark Merolli and Dr Allison Ezzat for their inputs throughout the development process.

This online toolkit was developed in a number of stages. The following steps were taken to develop this toolkit

We would like to thank all people with knee osteoarthritis who were directly involved in the development of this website, especially the following for letting us share their stories:

  • Barbara
  • Carey
  • Ernst
  • John
  • Lawrence
  • Marg
  • Ray
  • Rosemary
  • Shirley

Plus also those who attended our workshops and 1:1 feedback sessions:

  • Maureen
  • Robbie
  • Phil G
  • Phil F
  • Helen
  • Maggie

We would like to thank all the clinicians and researchers who were directly involved in the development of this website, especially the following for creating our video resources:

  • Adrienne Forsyth
  • Allison Gibbs
  • Allison Ezzat
  • Dawn Aitkin
  • Jade Tan
  • Peter O’Sullivan

Plus also those who attended our workshops and 1:1 feedback sessions:

  • Abbey
  • Clare
  • Jennifer
  • Jocelyn
  • Lachlan
  • Marie
  • Monique
  • Stephanie

Other important information

Following advice on this site will not ensure a successful outcome in every patient, nor should it be construed as including all proper methods of care or excluding other acceptable methods of care aimed at the same results.

These resources are not intended to serve as a prescribed standard of medical care. Standards of care are determined on the basis of all clinical data available for an individual patient and are subject to change as scientific knowledge and technology advance and patterns of care evolve. The ultimate judgment regarding a particular clinical procedure or treatment plan must be made by the clinician, based on clinician experience, expertise and in light of the clinical presentation of the patient, the available evidence, available diagnostic and treatment options, and the patient’s values, expectations, and preferences.

The TREK team are able to tell general information about website usage e.g. number of times pages are used and viewed etc, however we cannot identify its users, or their individual usage, as such, no confidential information is collected. Should you have any further questions or comments, please contact a member of the TREK team using the details provided on this website.

TREK is a not for profit initiative with the goal of improving knowledge translation.

TREK has received a small number of anonymous donations to assist with the set up and maintenance of this website and other initiatives.

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Should you wish to provide any feedback or get in touch with a member of the TREK team, please use this link to fill in details. Or alternatively, email us at: